The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries face staggering challenges today. New product development must be executed faster, cheaper and better than ever before. How can the BioPharm professional accelerate candidate product screening, and improve scale-up, to establish ever-more reliable, validated production systems? Membrane separation technology is the right answer.

Sepra have many experience in biopharma area in particular in "fermentation broths". These broths are aqueous solutions stocking in special containers called fermenters where the microorganisms are present in aqueous dispersion.

The microorganisms are used to produce drugs, active substances, antibiotics, enzymes, or widely used various types of polymers in cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food.

When these results is obtained you have a viscous and turbid liquid mass, Sepra is able to propose solutions to separate component of this mass (the broth clarification) without denaturation of proteins:
Sometimes Biotech, Pharma or Nutraceutical Lab need a particular treatment, we are able to give them a solution using membrane separation technology for

We have available laboratory system called MEMBRATEST, you could reach all above operations only changing type of membranes.