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OZONIS has been created in 2004, as a division of SEPRA Srl. The new structure has been dedicated to the production of ozone generators for water and air treatment and of related equipment, collecting the expertise of several specialists from other companies in the industry; the idea constituting the new division is in fact to combine various skills (generation, measurement, contact) and to make available to users of ozone a package of technologies at a competitive cost, from a single supplier.
The vocation to R&D that has characterized OZONIS on his debut continues to be the fundamental element that informs the decision-making processes needed for products realization.

OZONIS has designed a series of standard ozone generators, for which it is possible to combine a high level of quality with extremely reduced construction time. At the same time the company is specialized in offering innovative technologies and in building custom solutions, to deal with the most varied and complex cases in tight cooperation with customers.

Ozone is a powerful reagent and at the same time an environmental friendly product, which is well suited to address the issues of water management of the third millennium. A guide to the technical characteristics of this gas is enclosed.

Where we are

SEPRA S.r.l.
Via Como 69/A 20811 Cesano Maderno (MB) Italia
Tel. +39 0362-575154
Fax +39 0362-575091
VAT 02861960967
Equity EUR 100.000


What we do

The activity of OZONIS is organized according to the following production program.

Ozone generators for WATER treatment
Design, construction and installation of ozone generators for the treatment and purification of water.
  1. GEO series: small / medium-sized (25-200 g / h) ozone generators for standard industrial applications.
  2. GEOmini series: ozone generators of small size (2-6 gr / h) for civil and industrial applications at competitive costs.
  3. GEOMIX series: skid mounted ozone generators complete with ozone mixing system for ozonated water production
  4. Steril line: small ozone generators for civil and domestic use, aquariums, personal hygiene
  5. CUSTOM: ozone generators designed specifically according to customer requirements.

Ozone generators for AIR treatment
Design and supply of ozone systems for treatment, purification and sterilization of air and gases.
  1. HOME series: small ozone treatment plants to for indoor air treatment at home
  2. INDUSTRIAL series: ozone air purifiers for the air treatment in professional and industrial environments (offices, restaurants, hotels, gyms, industrial buildings, etc.).

Instrumentation for ozone systems
OZONIS has developed a whole range of instruments specifically targeted to the control of processes in which ozone is used, since this is the premise to a rational use of this reagent. The range includes instruments for measuring the concentration of ozone in the gas phase and for measuring ozone concentration in the liquid phase.

COMPONENTS for ozone systems
Often, success of an industrial application of ozone stems from an understanding of how this gas can be efficiently used, rather than only by the quantity produced.
From here derives OZONIS' deep commitment to the development of systems for ozone/water mixing and mass transfer, targeted to every single application. OZONIS' involvement may concern only engineering or the supply of turnkey systems.