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When it comes to membrane filtration in the dairy sector, fouling phenomena are well known and documented due to the accumulation of protein and fat matrices on the surface and in the porosity of the membrane which gradually inhibit their permeability.

The variables that determine the occurring of fouling of the membranes are synergistically: the chemical / physical characteristics of the product fed to the filtration plant, the operating conditions maintained during processing and the sensitivity of the operators managing the plant .
Taking advantage of its experience in the use of membranes in tangential filtration systems, SEPRA has developed a line of chemical products aimed at solving the specific problems that occur in them such as fouling, encrustation, bacterial contamination, sanitization and conservation. Furthermore, through the identification procedures of the fouling, it is able to develop the best washing procedures dedicated to the cleaning of membrane filtration systems to be put in place to ensure optimum productivity.


  • Preformulated alkaline based detergents
  • Preformulated acid based cleaners
  • Balanced enzymatic detergents
  • Detergents for biofilm elimination


Taking advantage of the experience gained over the years on membrane treatment plants; Sepra is able to propose washing procedures with a monthly fee including:

  • Supply of products based on consumption
  • Product delivery
  • Monthly visits for fine-tuning of the washing procedure with relevant analytical checks and evaluation of the trends of the main process parameters
  • Drafting monthly summary report

  • Own direct experience on the products
  • Own direct experience on membrane treatment plants
  • Consultancy services
  • Support to plant management

Specialized technicians in the field of membrane filtration offer their experience during both the starting and following phases to help the customer set up the plant according to the needs of the production cycle in order to optimize those specific management parameters for each individual case.
A careful analysis of the main process parameters, operating trends and the presence at the various phases of the concentration cycle and the washing phase can determine:

    • Membrane medium life extension
    • Optimization of water consumption
    • Optimization of timing
    • Optimization of energy consumption

Sepra offers the possibility of planning controls with a predetermined frequency by signing management assistance contracts.
Sepra provides assistance contracts suitable for every need, the objective is to accompany the clientele in the optimal management of the plant and to guarantee technical support to prevent situations that could compromise the production cycle.

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