Degasser- Gas-Liquid separation

SEPRA can supply complete units, capable of increasing efficiency levels in all processes requiring dissolving a gas in a liquid, with the possibility of operating the system under pressure:

  • Ozonation
  • Oxygenation
  • Carbonation

These units can also be used processes that involve the opposite objective, with the possibility of running the system under vacuum pressure:

  • Removal of hydrogen sulphide
  • Removal of methane
  • Removal of volatile hydrocarbons
  • Decarbonation

The critical components are injectors, nozzles and high-efficiency degasser units, which allow the removal of excess gas without depressurizing the system.

In this way two significant advantages are obtained:

  • Higher solubility of the gas in the liquid
  • Availability of gas under pressure for other uses

However, the degasser units can also be operated under vacuum pressure for stripping applications.

Separator Model NumberLiquid Flow Range (lpm)Gas Removal Rate (LPM)Dry Weight (kg)Dimensions [mm]In/Out ConnectionsPurge Gas Connection
DS150-NK9578524197115225mm MNPT40mm MNPT
DS400-A9461.5142.2711271.565152559100mm Flange80mm Flange
DS600-A1.5143.0284.5432062.014229610150mm Flange80mm Flange
DS800-A3.0286.0569.0864542.680318914200mm Flange80mm Flange
DS1000-A4.5427.57011.3575893.719318914250mm Flange80mm Flange
DS1200-A7.57013.24819.87512014.5924781.321300mm Flange100mm Flange
DS1400-A9.08417.03325.55320005.0626501.270350mm Flange125mm Flange
DS1600-A12.11224.22436.34323975.4105841.778400mm Flange125mm Flange

Degassing Process:

The degassing process is the result of five independent actions that work together to create an integrated and efficient water-treatment system.

Contact Tank:

Optimises the time for gas/water contact, improving the transfer of gas

Gas Injection:

The Mazzei patent is used to introduce gases into the liquid in a very efficient manner

Discharge Valve:

Releases non-dissolved gases


Uses a patented centrifugal process to remove non-dissolved gases more rapidly and effectively

Pressure Valve:

Maintains the ideal pressure throughout the system to raise dissolution performance

NOTE: Vacuum-pressure versions are also available for the stripping process

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