Electrolytic Ozone Generators

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Electrolytic ozone generators are the most effective equipment to disinfect Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) loops in industrial and pharmaceutical application. 

They must be used only on water with conductivity <20 µS / cm.

The involved electrolytic process is a unique technology which produces ozone from water instead of gaseous air or oxygen, as the water is split into its basic elements and part of the liberated oxygen is converted into ozone.

The technical features are exceptional:
  • Constant ozone production
  • High system integrity and no contamination
  • Ozonization with minimal equipment
  • User friendly interface and simple control
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Low running costs
  • High reliability, safety and low maintenance
  • Accepted by FDA and similar organization

The machines available can sterilize volumes of UPW starting from hundreds of liters up to tens of cubic meters.

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