SEPRA makes available components for traditional filtration systems, targeted to the retention of contaminants of the most varied dimensions and characteristics (from 0.05 micron particles to coarse sand traps).

In traditional filtration the entire flow of the liquid to be purified passes through the filter medium. SEPRA supports the customer in choosing the filtration media that allows for the retention of the contaminant at the most economical conditions, also in relation to the concentration in the liquid to be purified.

It should be noted that adequate pre-filtration with traditional means is often decisive condition for the proper functioning of a cross-flow filtration system. Combining its experience in the two sectors, SEPRA is able to define together with the customer the optimal compromise to combine the two technologies.

We list below the main product lines in the traditional filtration:

  • Industrial cartridges
  • Microfiltration cartridges
  • Housings for filter cartridges
  • Centrifugal separators

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