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SEPRA offers a biological aeration system, ponds to large lagoons without use of expensive and delicate air compressors (to reduce BOD levels, smell control, sludge digestion...). Waste water is pumped through patented ejectors, creating a vacuum that allows air to be sucked in the loop. The water / gas mixture will then be redistributed into the tank through patented nozzles for further transfer and mixing of gas. Microbubbles are formed through the entire liquid and surface on the surface. The pump can be submerged or externally.


  • No need any blower, single consumption refers to the circulation pump;
  • High depth of liquid to be aerated > 6m,
  • High MLSS sludge concentration> 4 g / l, as in the case of membrane bioreactors. From several experimental trials, it has been found that for biological oxidation tanks with MLSS 4g / l an Alpha factor is found in about 0.9. However, the decreasing efficiency of MLSS growth remains negligible compared to traditional systems.
  • Low footprint and particular silence of the system,
  • No moving parts
  • Injection of various types of gas without changing the system: air, oxygen, ozone or other

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