O3 Generators

Ozone is a powerful, at the same time environmentally friendly reagent that is well suited to addressing the problems of water management in the third millennium.

In 2004 OZONIS was born as a division of SEPRA S.r.l., a reality dedicated to the production of ozone generators for the treatment of water and air and related appliances.
We put a point in a series of standard ozone generators, whereby it is possible to combine a high quality level with extremely short construction times. At the same time, the company specializes in proposing innovative technologies and building customized solutions, to deal with the most varied and complex cases together with the client.

Industrial ozone generators
Ozone generators for laboratories
Ozone measurement sensors - We offer a range of instruments for measuring the concentration of ozone in the gas phase and for measuring the concentration of ozone in the liquid phase.

Components for ozone - The success of the industrial need for ozone often stems from an understanding of how this gas can be used favorably, rather than just the amount used. Hence the deep commitment of a specific specification, in order to help the system manufacturer to achieve the set goals.

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