Oil skimmers and oil purification

The FRIESS oil separators proposed by SEPRA allow to remove the oil from the surface of any tank, rotating on the same tank a floating endless tube without that collects the oil by adhesion on its surface. The tube then passes on to a ceramic scraper that promotes the separation of the oil within a collection area.

Oil-water separation made easy and economical

Operating costs can be reduced by eliminating oil from emulsions, degreasing baths and waste water: the continuous elimination of free oil from emulsions and oily water prolongs life of these solutions. Also the content of bacteria is minimized and in case of degreasing baths oil removal improves the surface quality of the components to be cleaned.

The best method for oil removal

The oil skimmer operates according to the proven principle of the floating hose to collect oil that flows up to the surface of the tank. Oil attachs to a endless tube, composed of a flexible synthetic material, highly heat-resistant and water-repellent due to its specific composition. The hose is then forced to pass through ceramic scrapers removing oil from the hose; once separated, oil flows into the collection tank that is arranged below the skimmer. Once back on the liquid surface, the flexible tube gathers new oil. Thanks to the continuous circular movement of the hose, the liquid surface is kept in motion and the oil is directed towards the tube itself, so that it is removed from the entire surface of the tank. Even on a 10 m long tank, the skimmer collects oil from every corner, because the hose is adapted to your tank. Since the hose floats on the surface, even level fluctuation is not a problem.

What do you remove?

The oil collection hose removes all oils and fats floating on the surface (mineral and vegetable oils, animal fats and oil-containing foam). According to the viscosity and thickness of the layer of floating oil, we can remove oils and fats up to 500 l / h.

Long operating life and low maintenance cost

The oil skimmer is simple, rugged and absolutely reliable. It is manufactured with stainless steel and it is therefore suitable for many years of continuous use.
All the components that come in contact with the oil collection hose (drive wheel, cylinders and scrapers) are made of ceramic (aluminum oxide) highly resistant to abrasion. The particles and the solids contained in the oil are very abrasive and would quickly consume conventional materials; ceramic is highly resistant to abrasion and reaches life of several years even in continuous service.


Companies from all sectors make use of oil skimmers: automotive, chemical, paper and steel industries, heat treatment departments, foundries and aluminum casting factories, trains and airplanes repair centers as well as food producers. Even professionals of waste disposal and companies dealing with waste oils appreciate the quality and usefulness of oil skimmers.

The perfect equipment for any installation conditions

We can offer different mounting systems, to fit the oil skimmer into your specific application. This simplifies installation and helps to reduce costs. Thanks to various hose materials, oil skimmer can be used at temperatures from - 20 ° C to + 95 ° C. In case of extremely cold weather conditions FRIESS oil skimmer can be equipped with additional heating for continuous service at temperatures below zero. Depending on the application, the oil skimmer can be used in stationary or mobile applications. To remove oil from more tanks with a single skimmer, model S100 skimmer can be installed with an oil tank into a movable skid.

Engineering support

With the oil skimmer you can solve most oil-water interface problem. Try a skimmer on your system. You can convince yourself of the quality and usefulness of the device.
Optional accessories are also provided as required by custom applications.

Costs reduction

The high efficiency of the geared motors ensure low operating costs. The use of high quality materials such as stainless steel and ceramic also ensures long service life of the components. The extension of the service life for your emulsion or your degreasing bath makes oil skimmer a profitable investment.

The following models are available, to match every need:

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S100large, difficult accesspdf
1Ssmall, difficult accesspdf

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