The separation of particular compounds within a solution derived from an industrial  process and the concentration or clarification of solutions can be facilitated by the use of new technologies, such as membrane cross-flow filtration systems, which allow to obtain excellent results with reduced working time and low cost.

When a new membrane filtration application is developed on special fluids, a feasibility study supported by pilot testing may be required required; SEPRA conducts such test with qualified technicians, capable of organizing and handling critical test phases.

Preliminary laboratory testing.

We provide a complete support service for the preliminary feasibility evaluation of innovative processes with laboratory batch tests to define:

  • qualitative assessment of fluid products, with return of separate samples at the end of test
  • preliminary choice of the membrane
  • chemical compatibility evaluation
  • evaluation of operating parameters
  • indicative scale-up

Industrial field testing.

We make available a wide range of pilot plants with different types of membrane, for batch (min. 30-40 liters) or continuos field tests; these test allow the final evaluation of the process:

  • quantitative evaluation and economic definition of the industrial process
  • establishment of fouling indices and prediction of membrane life
  • setting up cleaning cycles
  • final scale-up

Pilot plants can be rented with the inclusion of technical assistance for installation, start up and operator training.