Tubular polymeric membranes are particularly suitable for treatment of effluents presenting a high contaminants load and in particular for processes of the membrane bio-reactor (MBR) type, on account of the fact that the filtering channel is completely open, making it possible to handle a large quantity of suspended solids.
Filtration occurs from the inside to the outside of the channel and it is possible to perform backwash operations.The tubes containing the filtering membrane, with a diameter between 5 and 12.7 mm, are placed inside fiberglass housings and sealed at the ends with resin. The permeate is collected from lateral outlets of the housing, while the feed and concentrate flow at the extremities.

The standard modules are available with lengths of 3 / 4 m with fiberglass housing and Victaulic connections. The test modules are available with a length of 1 m and a PVC housing.

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