UV Sterilizers

Ultraviolet rays are one of the most convenient and effective means for the disinfection of water and air.
Thanks to the physical principle upon which their germicidal power is based, they act only when there is a need, without generating harmful by-products.
UV-C light emitted by special mercury-vapour lamps is lethal for any micro-organism (bacteria, viruses, mould, algae etc); for this reason outgoing water from a UV-C sterilizer is microbiologically stable, without the danger associated with excessive dosage.

This aspect is particularly important in the case of an upstream use of membrane systems. 
The UV-C sterilizers can be used in both the treatment of primary water (chemical and food industry, aqueducts, municipalities, springs/headwaters, aquariums, hospital facilities and schools, restaurants) and in the treatment of wastewater.
UV-C radiation can also be used to intensify the action of chemical oxidants (hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, ozone).

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