Spiral wound Membranes for food industry

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Sepra offers a complete line of spiral wound membrane elements for food and beverage applications, which are used to concentrate, separate and purify process liquids in a wide range of applications:

  • Milk, Yogurt, Milk Whey and derivative products (Transformation of whey into products with high added value)
  • Must and wine
  • Vinegar and derivatives
  • Sugar and sugar cane solutions
  • Fruit juices and sugary drinks
  • Jelly
  • Eggs and derivatives
  • Food brines
  • Fractionation, concentration and clarification of proteins, sugars and starches

Applications on milk and whey derivatives:

Membrane separation processes have been widely used in the dairy industry. Some examples of applications:

  • Concentration of whey, separation of whey into its components
  • Concentration and standardization of milk
  • Debacterization of milk and whey
  • Brine purification

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Applications on wine and musts

Sepra offers a complete line of spiral wound membrane elements for oenological applications on wines and musts and for vinegar factories, in the following versions in sanitary construction and washable / sanitizable at 90 ° C or standard with external fiberglass coating.

  • Typical applications in this area are:
  • High rejection must concentration
  • Alcohol reduction in wine
  • Tartaric acid separation
  • Correction of polyphenol acidity, flavoring, sugars present in wine
  • Adjustment of color and tannins
  • Microbiological stabilization
  • Clarification filtering
  • De-coloration

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We list below some proposed models of membranes for food and beverage applications:

1206647-DAIRY AF3838C30

1255669-DAIRY AF3838C50

1206648-DAIRY AF3840C30

1255063-DAIRY AF3840C50

3159912-DAIRY AF7838C30

3159913-DAIRY AF7838C35

3159914-DAIRY AF7838C50

1221893-DAIRY AF8038C30

1227202-DAIRY AF8038C50

3156577-DAIRY AP8038C30

3156578-DAIRY AP8038C50

3159915-DAIRY AP3838C30

3159918-DAIRY AP3838C50

1227618-DAIRY DK3838C30

3154224-DAIRY DK3838C65

1206940-DAIRY DK3840C30

1206942-DAIRY DK3840C50

3144224-DAIRY DK3840C65

1226591-DAIRY DK8038C30

1206977-DAIRY DK8038C50

1269441-DAIRY DK8038C65

1229937-DAIRY DK8040C30

1207023-DAIRY DL3840C30

3062683-DAIRY DL3838C30

1244333-DAIRY DL8038C30

1232322-DAIRY HWS NF3840C30 HR

1240430-DAIRY HWS NF3838C50 HR

3002372-DAIRY HWS NF8038C50

1228223-DAIRY HWS RO3840C30

1206651-DAIRY HWS RO8038C30

1207259-DAIRY JX3840C50

1207269-DAIRY JX6338C50

1207675-DAIRY PT3838C30

1207336-DAIRY PT3838C50

1226552-DAIRY PT6338C30

1226522-DAIRY PT6338C50

1222964-DAIRY PT6338C65

1240081-DAIRY PT8038C30

1230690-DAIRY PT8038C50

1230833-DAIRY PT8038C65

1228024-DAIRY PW3838C30

1229303-DAIRY PW3838C50

1207391-DAIRY PW5838C50

1207392-DAIRY PW6338C30

1207393-DAIRY PW6338C50

1223985-DAIRY PW6338C65

1230789-DAIRY PW8038C30

1230680-DAIRY PW8038C50

1268732-DAIRY ULTRA UF3838C30

1268736-DAIRY ULTRA UF3838C50

1268738-DAIRY ULTRA UF6338C30

1268739-DAIRY ULTRA UF6338C50

1268740-DAIRY ULTRA UF8038C30

3048906-DAIRY ULTRA UF8038C50

1206941-DURACON NF1 3840C50

1229933-DURACON NF1 8040C35

1207025-DURACON NF2 3840C50

1227615-DURACON NF2 8040C35

1256119-DURACON NF2 8040C50

1223936-DURACON PW8340C50

1226495-DURACON RO5 8040C35

1231100-DURACON RO5 8040C50


1207032-DURATHERM EXL NF4040


1207045-DURATHERM EXL NF8040




1231723-DURATHERM EXL RO5 8040

3156050-DURATHERM EXL UF2 4040

3002290-DURATHERM EXL UF2 8040


1232576-PHARMA NF2 3838C30

1223957-PHARMA RO3 3840C30

3021475-PHARMA RO3 8038C30

1207089-PHARMA UF1 3840C30

1206650-POLISHER RO8040C30

3016890-RPL CDRN50004 1812

3016891-RPL CDRN50060 4025

3016680-RPL CDRN50300 8040

1230070-VINOCLEAR MF8040C50

1230072-VINOCON RO3 4040C35

1228904-VINOCON RO5 4040C35

3160910-VINOCON RO5 4040C50

3159687-VINOCON RO5 8040C35

3161796-VINOCON RO7 4040C35

3161798-VINOCON RO7 4040C50

3161797-VINOCON RO7 8040C35

3161799-VINOCON RO7 8040C50

1231691-VINOPRO NF4040C35

1232742-VINOPRO NF4040C50

1238231-VINOPRO NF8040C50

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